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  • What is included in a bath and/or groom service?

A bath service includes a toenail trim and file, ears cleaned, anal glands checked (if we feel there is an issue we will refer you to a veterinarian), fluff dry and brush out. Tidy ups and sanitary clips include all bath services as well as pads, feet and under the tail area and belly clipped. Full grooms include all of the above, along with whatever type of haircut chosen. Cologne to finish! 

  • Can my pet be dipped for fleas?

We offer flea treatments using natural shampoos. Natural products are safe and effective for removing fleas present on your pet. They offer no residual effect, however, for effective flea control, it is important to treat the entire home environment while your pet is being treated at the salon.

  • Is my dog ready yet?

The grooming process involves several steps. Unlike a human hairdresser, dogs are not groomed one at a time. Once all the pets are checked in, bathing begins. Toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and then the finishing clips are started. Your pet is busy all day long!

  • How old should my puppy be before he gets his first groom?

Breeds with longer coats should begin the grooming process as soon as possible. These breeds include poodles and doodles, cocker spaniels, lhasa apso, shih tzus, terriers and the like. It's a good idea to familiarize your puppy with grooming, even if it's just for a bath and simple tidy up to start out with. He/she will come to learn that grooming is a FUN and positive thing, not scary at all!

  • My pet is shaking. Could it be that he is scared?

Not necessarily. He may just be excited from the car ride, or cold, or simply not sure whether he is going to the vet or not! Much like little kids in pre-school, once you are gone, they settle right into their day, filled with fun things to see, smell and do. Dogs are very intuitive, as we all know, and will pick up on any anxiety you may be feeling, and begin to think that there may be something to be worried about after all. If your pet knows that you are comfortable leaving him, he will feel comfortable being left.