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Our goal is to pamper your pet from head to toe and to bring out their individual natural beauty. Whether your pet needs a quick Nail Clip, just a Bath/Brush Out or a Full Service Groom, you'll find it here. Check out our services and call or email us to make an appointment today!


We use All Natural Shampoos.

After the bath, each animal is towel dried and then dried with our "non-heated" blow drying system.

In addition, all baths include anal glands being checked, "fluff and puff" (brush out), ear cleaning, nail trimming/grinding, and finish with all natural cologne.


We use All Natural Shampoos.

Our Full Service groom includes...everything listed above plus your specified haircut... be it a tidy-up trim, a standard breed cut, or a utilitarian shave down, we will groom your dog to your liking.

Breed Standards ~ All breeds are welcome.

Tidy Ups / Partials~ when your pup just needs to be cleaned up. We will trim the face, feet and bum area and brush out your dog so that he/she looks amazing.

Shave - Downs ~ When everything must go! It's 105 degrees out and your Golden Retriever has had enough! When you ask for a shave down, that's exactly what your little one will get.

Grooming Policies

Matted Fur ~ Severe mats will not be combed out due to the discomfort and/or pain that it can cause to the animal. Groomers will decide whether mats are too severe to be brushed out. Such mats will be shaved. We do not leave mats on animals as it can lead to sores on the skin. The Clean Dog Salon is not responsible for conditions revealed under matted fur or caused as a result of matted fur. Matted fur may cause irritated skin, sores, and other adverse conditions. Matted fur causes the skin to be more sensitive to grooming blades and, because the skin has not been able to "breath", may result in a rash once uncovered. Our strict dematting policy put a pets' health and comfort above cosmetics and aesthetics, when necessary. It is our effort to promote the ongoing health and comfort of all pets at our shop.

Ear Plucking Policy ~ Our groomers pluck ears at their discretion. We will not pluck impacted or infected ears. Animals with adverse ear conditions will be referred to their veterinarian.

Flea Policy ~ In order to keep a flea-free facility, all animals found with fleas will be treated immediately, at owner's expense, using our All Natural Flea Bath. Flea baths are not a long-term preventative and should be followed by a topical or oral treatment. You should also consider treating all area your pet frequents such as...(Indoor) carpet, pet beds, couches, your bed! (Outdoor) lawn area.


There will be a service charge of 50% of your grooming cost added to the next visit if we are not informed beforehand that you are not able to make your scheduled appointment. We are hoping this cuts down on missed appointments. Thank you for your help and support in this matter!


Walk-In Nail Trims: Friday's Only, 1pm - 4pm     *CASH ONLY*

$10.oo -small dogs under 20lbs

$15.oo -dogs over 20lbs

-Difficult dogs may have an extra charge.

-Absolutely NO aggressive dogs!

-Must be ok with both men and women.

(** nail trims are included with all bath/groom services**)

Nail Painting ~ $10.oo ~ Take your baby's paw-di-cure to a new level with some flashy, pet-safe nail polish!

De-Skunk ~ Base price + $10.oo (small dog), + $20.oo (medium - large dog)

In & Out Service 

~ $15.oo additional ~ We offer an "In & Out" service for special needs pets. This is a rush service that requires advanced booking. It is ideal for geriatric and anxious pets. Your pet will be bumped ahead of other pets and worked on, upon arrival, until completion. We call as soon as the animal is ready to go! The turn around time, depending on the breed and service requested, can still be a few hours. However, you can rest easy knowing that your baby is being given immediate attention and is not sitting in a kennel.

** Rush "In & Out" service during the holidays is $25.oo additional **

Senior dogs, special needs and puppies welcome!


(Limited Space)

Drop-off and Pick-up times

M-F   7am  -  5pm

Sat   9am  or   6pm

Sun   9am  or  6pm 

Check out after 12pm will be charged for that day stay.


1-50 lbs.

$15.oo per day


51-100 lbs.

$20.oo per day


101+ lbs.

$25.oo per day

**Multiple dog discount: Second Dog $10 additional per day if in same kennel.**

No extra charge for routine Medications to be given.

Taken out a minimum of 4 times a day.


We NO longer groom cats. We are sorry kitty cats.